Prospect Accelerator

Are you or your team looking to engage with prospects on holistic planning topics? Do you struggle to demonstrate your value proposition? The Prospect Accelerator can help!

The Prospect Accelerator is the first comprehensive financial planning prospecting tool that helps advisors automate a structured lead gen process, deliver immediate planning alpha with zero discovery efforts, reduce the traditional sales cycle, and close more prospects.

Use our tool to engage prospects through your company website, email campaigns, and social media marketing, delivering prospects a Financial Heath Score and actionable teaser report in a matter of minutes. By providing potential clients with a Financial Health Score* report, advisors can demonstrate their value proposition and showcase their service offering in the prospecting stage, which will ultimately produce more qualified leads.

The Financial Health Score* report was the 2022 winner of the Awards for Innovative Technology. Currently being offered as a free add on to the FP Alpha platform, The Prospect Accelerator will be a game changer for advisors as they seek additional ways to obtain new clients in a post COVID world.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle While Boosting Your Close Rate with the Prospect Accelerator

The Prospect Accelerator puts planning first in your sales process so you can demonstrate your value sooner, improve the quality of leads, shorten your sales cycle, and boost your close rate.

Collect the Right Information, Right Away

Shorten your discovery cycle with the Prospect Accelerator questionnaire. You choose what you need to know so you can collect information up front and increase qualified leads in your funnel.

Quantify Your Value

Show prospects how you can optimize their financial life. The Prospect Accelerator questionnaire immediately displays a prospect’s Financial Wellness Score and improvement suggestions.

Visualize the Client Journey

Deliver customized reports that personalize the experience for every prospect. By bringing transparency to sales, you can win business faster and implement recommendations sooner.

Add Structure to Your Prospecting Process

Does every advisor in your firm do sales differently? Prospect Accelerator gives you a proven process everyone can follow to engage prospects, increase financial awareness, and create compelling proposals.

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