The Platform

Financial advice isn’t just about investing anymore. Advisors are true life planners and offering advice planning helps you deliver more value to your clients—ultimately creating more loyalty and driving more business.

The FP Alpha Platform uses a combination of AI and subject matter experts to assist financial professionals in delivering true holistic planning advice effectively and efficiently.

How FP Alpha Works

FP Alpha’s first-of-its-kind software makes it easy as 1-2-3 to offer holistic financial advice that scales for every client your firm serves.

Upload Client Financial Documents

Get back hours spent reading tax returns, estate plans, and insurance policies. 

Upload a document from your client straight into FP Alpha. 

Receive Instant Analysis

Within minutes, you’ll obtain summaries of key data and access guided insights from our algorithms built by expert CPAs, estate attorneys, and insurance specialists.

Their algorithmic, personalized recommendations identify opportunities, gaps, risks and give you the confidence you need to enter each meeting fully prepared.

Deliver Your Advice

Once you have the analysis, it’s time to do what you do best—deliver sound financial advice to your clients with white-labeled deliverables to demonstrate your value beyond investments.

Deliver Holistic Advice in These Key Areas

Estate Planning

Tax Planning

Home Insurance

Auto Insurance

Disability Insurance

Identity Theft

Long-Term Care

Medical Insurance

Student Debt


Life Insurance

Divorce Planning

Property Tax

Creditor Protection

Elder Care

Cross Border Planning

Personalized Client Recommendation Report

A white-labeled and customized, actionable service plan for advisors to engage clients and provide impactful plan updates.

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Personalized Client Recommendation Report

Scale Your Advice Without Growing Your Team

In the past, you had to hire experts and make your payroll skyrocket. FP Alpha enhances your ability to offer different types of advice without having to hire to do it.

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Become an Expert. Overnight. (Well, Almost)

You may not be able to train in every planning discipline, but you can get the next best thing with AI-based planning. FP Alpha puts the opinions and knowledge of Subject Matter Experts at your fingertips so you can be confident your advice is right.

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Serious About Security

We take your client information seriously and protect it accordingly. With multi-factor authentication for users and data storage in secure facilities, you don’t have to worry about your data being anywhere except where you want it.

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What is AI-Assisted Holistic Financial Planning?

AI-Assisted holistic financial planning plugs the minds of some of the industry’s foremost subject matter experts into your document review process.

Using AI learning, our proprietary algorithms use inputs from those experts to analyze documents for key items and return recommendations to influence your advice.

It’s advice. Automated.

Estate Planning

FP Alpha’s Estate Module is bringing much needed scale and automation to the estate planning space for advisors. Leverage FP Alpha’s AI engine to read clients’ estate documents such as Wills, Trusts, POA’s and Healthcare Directives. The extractions pulled from those documents can then be visualized into The Estate Snapshot, a summary of key data including a flow chart of how assets are set to pass upon death. This deliverable helps advisors and clients understand the current structure of the estate. As the advisor is the central hub of advice in the client’s life, The Estate Snapshot simplifies the plethora of complex and lengthy legal documents into one elegant deliverable.
Planning opportunities are also identified, empowering the advisor to bring additional value to the conversation. Actionable insights—such as “more efficient gifting can help the client sure up any gaps in the estate plan,” or “deploy any strategies to minimize estate tax liabilities”—are all included in our process.
However, The Estate Module does not stop at merely identifying those opportunities, but also allows for advisors to model those estate strategies along with the impact into the Estate Planning Lab. The Estate Planning Lab is the working tool that visualizes potential changes clients should consider and quantifies the estate tax implications behind them.

Estate Snapshot

Providing advisors a scalable way to summarize and visualize key components of a client’s estate plan including the distribution of assets and significant individuals named, simply by uploading their legal documents

Estate Planning Lab

Model alternative estate scenarios, incorporating various vehicles, quantifying the value of state and federal estate tax reduction strategies.

Tax Planning

FP Alpha’s Tax Module enables financial advisors to take a proactive role in the tax planning process with their clients. Simply upload clients’ tax returns and our AI will read and extract the data in a matter of minutes, saving significant time and resources. Key data is then summarized into a concise overview in The Tax Snapshot. The Tax Snapshot, whether for the advisor’s own education or to use with clients, sets the stage of the current tax situation before getting to the specific action items FP Alpha’s recommendation engine identifies to optimize the situation and identify tax-saving opportunities. These actionable planning opportunities are generated instantly as well.

The Tax Module then further streamlines the process with resources to model out and quantify the value of the opportunities. Our tax tools, including the Roth Conversion Simulator and Tax Projector, allow advisors to eliminate number crunching in spreadsheets from their workflow and efficiently deliver tax planning in a concise, digestible manner for clients.

Tax Snapshot

An instant summary and visualization of a client’s tax return providing details on 16 key tax areas including: MAGI tiers, federal and state tax data, Roth analysis, Charitable deductions, QBI analysis as well as pending legislation updates

Tax Snapshot

The Tax Projector Tool

  • Provides advisors the ability to project and compare various tax scenarios and strategies for their clients, simply by uploading their tax documents.
  • Projects and compares various federal and state tax scenarios including the ability to project client income taxes out multiple years and compare dozens of different scenarios such as a change in client filing status or income levels.
  • Allows advisors to compare multiple tax planning strategies at the same time such as Roth conversions, charitable giving, and other income related planning techniques, enabling advisors to reduce clients’ tax bills and get credit for their work.
Tax Projection

The Roth Conversion Simulator

  • Enables advisors to identify how much to convert, when to convert, and what it’s worth, simply by clicking a button.
  • Allows advisors to customize inputs such as conversion amounts, years to convert, and kick-off age and the tool shows the effects of this conversion on the Roth account and Traditional IRA account as well as total taxes paid over the client’s lifetime.
  • If an advisor is unsure of how much to convert or when, they can use the tool’s optimize function which will tell them exactly how much to convert, for how many years and at which age to start converting.

Insurance Planning

FP Alpha’s Insurance Module covers all aspects of personal insurance, from Home and Auto to Disability, Life, Long-Term Care to Medical. FP Alpha reads client insurance policies, extracting key data, and identifies opportunities to reduce risk and cost. Advisors save precious time reading documents and gain additional insight that leads to proactive client engagement.

P&C Snapshot

  • P&C snapshot provides a summary and visualization of your client’s insurance coverage—including home, umbrella, and auto—allowing you to identify if your client has coverage gaps or even if they are paying too much

Prospect Accelerator

Are you or your team looking to engage with prospects on holistic planning topics? Do you struggle to demonstrate your value proposition? The Prospect Accelerator can help!

The Prospect Accelerator is the first comprehensive financial planning prospecting tool that helps advisors automate a structured lead gen process, deliver immediate planning alpha with zero discovery efforts, reduce the traditional sales cycle, and close more prospects.

Use our tool to engage prospects through your company website, email campaigns, and social media marketing, delivering prospects a Financial Heath Score and actionable teaser report in a matter of minutes. By providing potential clients with a Financial Health Score* report, advisors can demonstrate their value proposition and showcase their service offering in the prospecting stage, which will ultimately produce more qualified leads.

The Financial Health Score* report was the 2022 winner of the Awards for Innovative Technology. Currently being offered as a free add on to the FP Alpha platform, The Prospect Accelerator will be a game changer for advisors as they seek additional ways to obtain new clients in a post COVID world.

Shorten Your Sales Cycle While Boosting Your Close Rate with the Prospect Accelerator

The Prospect Accelerator puts planning first in your sales process so you can demonstrate your value sooner, improve the quality of leads, shorten your sales cycle, and boost your close rate.

Collect the Right Information, Right Away

Shorten your discovery cycle with the Prospect Accelerator questionnaire. You choose what you need to know so you can collect information up front and increase qualified leads in your funnel.

Quantify Your Value

Show prospects how you can optimize their financial life. The Prospect Accelerator questionnaire immediately displays a prospect’s Financial Wellness Score and improvement suggestions.

Visualize the Client Journey

Deliver customized reports that personalize the experience for every prospect. By bringing transparency to sales, you can win business faster and implement recommendations sooner.

Add Structure to Your Prospecting Process

Does every advisor in your firm do sales differently? Prospect Accelerator gives you a proven process everyone can follow to engage prospects, increase financial awareness, and create compelling proposals.

Planning Snapshots

Planning Snapshots

Eliminate the manual review process: simply upload clients’ financial documents and FP Alpha will generate a client deliverable, summarizing key insights in a visual format.

Tax Snapshot

An instant summary and visualization of a client’s tax return providing details on 16 key tax areas including: MAGI tiers, federal and state tax data, Roth analysis, Charitable deductions, QBI analysis as well as pending legislation updates

Tax Snapshot

Estate Snapshot

Providing advisors a scalable way to summarize and visualize key components of a client’s estate plan including the distribution of assets and significant individuals named, simply by uploading their legal documents