Introduction to FP Alpha’s New Deliverable: The Tax Snapshot

Andrew Altfest, Luis Quiroz and Josh Grossberg introduce FP Alpha’s Tas Snapshot tool:

  • During the webinar, the team demonstrates how easy it is to transform a client’s tax return into an engaging, dynamic snapshot deliverable to complement the actionable planning opportunities FP Alpha identifies.
  • From MAGI tiers and deductions to state specific insights and future legislation, this report enables advisors to add instant value for their most simplistic client case all the way to their complex ultra-high net worth business owners.
  1. The process is simple:
  2. Upload your client’s tax return
  3. Generate an in-depth, visual overview of your prospects and clients tax returns
  4. Obtain hyper-personalized recommendations to reduce client taxes
  5. Deliver an elegant customized client report

Please join us to learn how to deliver tax alpha with prospects’ and clients’ alike in this exciting and much anticipated release!

View the webinar here.