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Actionable and Instant Recommendations

Our world never stops, and today’s client experiences need to be built with speed.
FP Alpha helps you instantly identify actionable recommendations so you can deliver advice faster.

Visualize Your Client’s Wealth

Say it with a picture. Make even the most complex tax planning simple with visualized tax rates, and simplify where money goes in an estate plan with flow charts that show who gets what in a single image.

Grab a Crystal Ball

Projection calculators for taxes and estate plans help you estimate future tax payments and federal liabilities to give clients a better idea of what actions they should make now to succeed in the future.

Add a Tax Planner.
No Hiring Required.

Get immediate insights into state tax credits, medicare premiums, modified AGI tiers, Roth conversions, and QBI deductions. It’s like a full tax snapshot from a CPA—without the wait.

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