Scaling the Unscalable: How AI is Assisting Advisors in Providing Advanced Planning to Their Entire Client Base

In this webinar, industry leader, Suzanne Siracuse, sits down with Andrew Altfest, President of Altfest Personal Wealth Management and CEO of FP Alpha, and fintech expert, Joel Bruckenstein, President of T3, to discuss how advisors, with the use of new AI driven tools, can provide automated advanced planning services to their clients in a scalable and efficient way.

Specifically, they address:

  • The rise in the need to deliver personalized and customized solutions to an advisor’s client base
  • Advisor-tech tools available now to help deliver tax, estate, and insurance planning, without the manual and time intensive commitment
  • Their process on configuring the perfect tech stack
  • Where they envision AI will be applied next in the advisory industry

View the webinar here.