Introduction to the FP Alpha Prospect Accelerator

In a post-COVID world, advisors are being forced to rethink their approach to lead generation and prospect engagement. Join Andrew Altfest (CEO), Luis Quiroz (CTO), Josh Grossberg (Director, Sales and Business Development) as they reveal and demo The FP Alpha Prospect Accelerator.

This new and innovative feature on our platform is the first comprehensive financial planning prospecting tool to emerge on the advisor tech landscape. The Prospect Accelerator focuses on capturing prospects while identifying actionable recommendations, with minimal insights into a prospect’s financial situation, to improve their financial wellness in a comprehensive manner. Enabling advisors to:

  • Automate their prospecting efforts
  • Deliver immediate planning alpha
  • Shorten the sales cycle
  • Demonstrate their value and instantly build trust
  • Provide white labeled reports
  • Capture and close more prospects

View the webinar here.