FP Alpha’s Prospect Accelerator – The New Lead Genearation Tool for Advisors

Join us to learn about FP Alpha’s Prospect Accelerator: the digital tool that helps you to close prospects faster via instant, actionable planning insights.

In our ever-changing industry, advisors must find new ways to increase their prospect pipeline and better engage with current prospects digitally. Prospecting tools for advisors today are limited to investments, and to a lesser extent, traditional financial planning. There are no solutions that cover tax, estate, and insurance opportunities. Identifying holistic planning opportunities in underserved, high-impact financial disciplines enables advisors to solve more problems, show more value, and differentiate themselves from their competition. The Prospect Accelerator allows advisors to obtain instant/automated actionable planning insights for them and tailor their sales efforts based on those recommendations.

Join Andrew Altfest, President of Altfest Personal Wealth Management and Founder of FP Alpha, as he discusses, then demonstrates, this unique tool that will automate and transform the standard lead gen and lead nurture process to successfully close/”wow” more prospects.

View the webinar here.