FP Alpha & BOK

Recent research indicates that over 90% of high net-worth clients expect advice on advanced planning areas such as estate, tax and trust services from their advisor. As your clients’ wealth has grown, so have their expectations on their financial advice.

But, remarkably, the research concluded that less than 25% of clients were actually receiving these services from their advisor. If you don’t provide them with this advice, you may be putting your client relationships at risk.

In this webinar, financial advisor and Founder of FP Alpha, Andrew Altfest, CFP, MBA and Michael Flinn, from BOK Financial, discuss how advisors can:

  • Ensure they are providing the key services clients are demanding, in a scalable way
  • Be their clients’ “trusted advisor” in estate, tax and trust
  • Discover where opportunities and challenges exist in the actual estate plan
  • Mitigate successor/trustee risk issues
  • Protect their current client relationships
  • Develop new relationships with their clients’ children
  • Capture additional assets from current clients

Watch the replay.