Estate Snapshot

Providing advisors a scalable way to summarize and visualize key components of a client’s estate plan, simply by uploading their legal documents.

Just Drag And Drop Your Estate Documents

It is also easy to use. Simply upload clients’ wills, trusts and power of attorney documents, and the tool will summarize them, eliminating the need for advisors to read reams of material.

FP Alpha will then generate a personalized deliverable, summarizing and visualizing the client’s distribution plan, for use during planning meetings.

Quantify Your Value

With a comprehensive advanced planning profile for each client, advisors will be able to expand their services, highlight more planning opportunities and generate more revenue – without adding additional staff or requiring their teams to learn anything new.

The Right Tools

This additional functionality enhances the already robust Estate Planning Module, part of the FP Alpha platform, which identifies key estate planning opportunities allowing advisors to quantify the value of their advice.

Advisors often talk about being “holistic,” and with the addition of advanced planning tools, they truly can be—by offering all their clients a 360-degree picture of their financial situation.

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